5 Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Basement

11 June 2019 / By petrichdevelopment
Renovating your basement not only adds major value to your home but it can increase your overall living space which can really improve your day to day living. A basement renovation takes careful planning.

Here are the 5 main factors to plan for:


A lot of home renovation shows pretend that price is no object or pay for their projects themselves and fail to inform viewers of the most important factor in almost all home renovations.  You can have great ideas and dreams for your space but with a professional renovation company and common sense most of us realize that we need to practice realistic expectations and pricing.

Planning your budget is the very first step.

Determine how much you would like to spend on your renovation. Then figure out how much you actually can spend.  This probably won’t be the same number, unless money is no object of course!

Finding the right Contractor

Find a company and contractor you can fully trust. Ask your friends and family who they recommend and check out the contractor’s website.

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When planning for your renovation it’s important to really consider and plan “What is the purpose of renovating this space?”


During the planning process, we will take all aspects of your initial planning into special consideration. We will also look at natural light, stair restrictions, sub-floor construction, and bathroom placement and bearing walls.  We want your basement functional, which requires careful planning beforehand and will decrease your stress during the project.


Moisture Prevention

The number one problem in basements is moisture, which can lead to harmful mold growth.  Special consideration needs to be given to any point where moisture can enter, get trapped and encourage mold growth.  These points are usually the sub-floor, walls, windows, window wells and bathrooms.


Your contractor will take the necessary steps to stop moisture and prevent future moisture from getting in.  Again, this is an important point to talk about with your contractor of choice. It is possible to have a warm dry basement provided you plan accordingly.



Are you on a time crunch? Do you need your basement completed in time for your relatives’ annual visit? Talk to your contractor about it. Contractors often have two or more jobs on the go so that they can be working on another project while one of the other trades is working on your project.


The biggest delays to basement renovations are usually the result of changing plans when construction is already underway.  Changing labour methods or materials can result in longer wait times for deliveries or doing one job more than once.  Time is money and time (therefore money) can be saved by planning in advance.

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